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Just!Quanta“Official Announcement”砍掉apple Watchbusiness The Opportunity For Mainland Foundries Is Coming?

Auth:能量云商 Date:2019/11/15 Source:hqew.com Visit:161 Related Key Words: Apple Watch business

“Apple is not good for Quanta.?Still do apple suppliers do not eat incense?”

  today,In response to the market rumored Quanta to abandon AppleApple WatchNews of the foundry business,Lin Baili, Chairman of Quanta, officially appeared and expressed to the outside world:“Make money, just do it.,Nothing else is important,Making money is the most important thing,If some products are too labor intensive,It’s not so meaningful to keep doing it all the time.。”Although Lin Baili did not bluntly, Quanta will quit Apple.Apple WatchFoundry business,But it’s already eighty-nine,After all, the meaning of the words is already a very obvious hint.。


  although,From the perspective of revenue,Apple WatchFoundry is one of the three main operating pillars of Quanta Computer,Although the relevant revenue was not announced,But the market generally believes that Quanta fromApple WatchThe revenue from the foundry may be as high as hundreds of billions(New Taiwan dollar),一旦Quanta淡出该business,Will mean it2019The overall revenue of the year will fall a lot。But according to the current attitude of Quanta Computer,Seems to be determined to cut this business,Despite a period of pain,Long-term perspective,Quanta's foundry business in the wearable market will have more freedom。

  Quanta OEMApple WatchReally not making money??

  From the crazy snaps of the year to the present“甩手掌柜”,Only two to three years,QuantaApple WatchThe attitude change is really a bit fast。ThinkingApple Watch 3era,Quanta once grabbed the order from Foxconn;Apple Watch 4era,Quanta prefers to over-load and is not willing to discard even a small order to other foundries.,Finally, due to short supply,Apple personally handed over some orders to other vendors;now,Attitude has occurred180Great change,People can’t help but——“Apple also has a day of being shackled!”


  Quanta Computer Corporation's historical net interest rate data(source:Fortune Chinese Network)

  As can be seen from the short speech of Chairman of Guangda,Quanta exitApple WatchBusiness is nothing more than“Do not make money”Three words。As the earliest cut into appleApple WatchFoundry,QuantaApple WatchAlthough the foundry business has developed for many years, it has never seen any improvement in profit revenue.。From the profit rate of Quanta in recent years,from2012After the year began to decline,Even in2014Year took over the appleApple WatchOEM order,Performance is still not improving,And after four years of development, the profit rate has risen and fallen.,But the overall performance is a downward trend。


  Quanta Computer Company's revenue data for the past years(source:Fortune Chinese Network)

  This is because on the one hand,Since it is an OEM product,It is inevitable that Apple will squeeze on the OEM price.。after all,Apple also has to consider the cost,And for so many years,The multi-vendor strategy is also used to raise bargaining chips.。TakeMacBookFor example,For many years in the past(Quanta)And Foxconn atMacBookManufacturing is almost always maintained8:2proportion,But it is precisely because Foxconn later provided Apple with a more competitive offer based on the old manufacturing line.,So that Apple later allocated more component resources to Foxconn,Let Quanda lose a lot of orders。And inApple Watchon,Presumably, Apple naturally has not used this less.“Press type”Strategy。

  on the other hand,More importantly, it is affected by the US tariffs imposed on China.。Well known,in spite ofiMac、iPhonewithiPadThese devices can be avoided9month1Increased daily10%tariff,But Apple’s wearables、Home and accessories product lines are not spared,which is9month1After the dayAirPods/Beatsheadset、HomePodSmart speaker、Apple WatchSmart watches will be subject to tariffs by the US,This has created greater pressure on the foundry of Quanta.,And this pressure may not be resolved in the short term.。It is the combined effect of multiple factors,Let Quanda have made a formal decision。

  广达“Big hand”!The opportunity for mainland foundries is coming?

  Quanta computer after the pickpocket,Huge amountApple WatchOrders naturally flow into the hands of their competitors。Previous,According to Taiwan《Electronic times》Quoted from sources in the industry,Compal Electronics and Foxconn have acquired two major foundries2020seriesApple WatchOrder,Lixun Precision, a mainland foundry giant, was telegraphed to assemble old models.Apple WatchMain。


  Although it is oldApple Watch,But it is another big new progress for mainland foundries who are represented by Lixun Precision.。after all,From the perspective of overall competitiveness,Taiwanese foundry has too much experience in OEM products and excellent technical strength.,It is difficult for mainland manufacturers to catch up in the short term.。But look back,Apple is willing toAppleWatchThe foundry is handed over to the mainland foundry,Can also be regarded as the recognition of the overall strength of mainland enterprises,This has great benefits for the long-term development of the mainland OEM industry.。

  of course,This is also due to the hard power of Lixun Precision itself.。After all, in recent years,The relationship between Lixun Precision and Apple is getting closer and closer.,Initially starting with the supply of parts,To OEMAirPodsHeadphones make a big profit,I was robbed to last year. HomePodSmart speaker order,And this time, I was named to have the opportunity to OEM.Apple Watch,It shows that the business of assembling its finished products is getting bigger and bigger.。


  Lixun Precision Third Quarter Financial Report Data(source:Lixun Precision Company Announcement)

  According to the financial report data released by the company not long ago,The first three quarters of this year,The company's total revenue reached378.36Billion,Year-on-year growth70.96%;net income28.88Billion,Year-on-year growth74.26%。Apple is its largest customer,Reached44.85%,Lixun Precision's sales on Apple products reached approximately160.8Billion。And the takeover partApple WatchAfter business,Presumably, it will promote the growth of its overall profit and revenue.,It is also a gratifying progress for the mainland OEM industry.。


  Overall,Quanta pickpocketApple Watch业务,Undoubtedly, the advantages and disadvantages for its own development。after all,Put aside Apple in the wearable business,Quanta can have more freedom to OEM, such as Huawei in the mainland.、Millet、Lenovo and other brands of smart watches。this point,From13The Guangda of the day can be seen at the law conference today.,Liang Qiaozhen, vice chairman of Quanta, pointed out,“Many products are wearable devices,Quanta never said to leave,If you leave, some manufacturers are talking about it.,However, Quanta is very long.。”on the other hand,Difficult to open profitApple WatchFoundry business,Quanta can focus more on other profitable Apple products foundry business,Continue to erode competitor Compal、Foxconn's market。but,This also gives more opportunities for mainland foundries to develop.,I believe that after years of running with Apple,The strength of mainland foundries is expected to gradually catch up with even Taiwanese manufacturers。

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