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Infineon:Q4 Meet The Standard,Feeling The Impact Of Weak Global Automotive Demand

Auth:英飞凌 Date:2019/11/14 Source:Infineon Visit:187 Related Key Words: Infineon car Shock

      Infineon, a global semiconductor company, announced its financial results for the fourth quarter of 2019 (up to September 30, 2019) on Sunday, saying its profit in the fourth quarter rose despite the impact of macroeconomic factors, uncertainties and weak global demand for automobiles, foreign media reported.

  According to the financial report,InfineonQ4Annual revenue increase 1%(Season increase 2%)to 20.62 Billion euro;Gross profit margin39.8%Fall to35.5%;And the profitability of the department’s performance is critical to the company.19.5%Fall to15.1%;Annual increase in net profit 14%(Quarterly reduction 28%)至 1.61 Billion euro(Agreement1.776One hundred million U.S. dollars)。  


  Infineon CEO Reinhard Ploss,Infineon is feeling the impact of weak global automotive demand,And it is expected that there will be no improvement in the short term.。He added,He expects the market will not recover before the second half of this fiscal year.。

  at the same time,Reinhard PlossAlso said that the semiconductor market will be2020Signs of recovery in the year,The news also caused the German chip maker's share price to rise.。

  Looking to the future, If 1 Euro exchange 1.13 Dollar exchange rate calculation,Infineon estimates 2020 Annual number 1 Quarterly revenue will be reduced quarterly 7%(± 2 Percentile);2020 Annual revenue will increase annually 5%(± 2 Percentile)。

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