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Performance Super Nvidia!Intel Announces The First Cloudaicore Started Commercial

Auth:能量云商 Date:2019/11/14 Source:engadget Visit:203 Related Key Words: Nvidia Intel Cloud

according toengadgetReport,Beijing time today morning,Intel held in San Francisco2019Artificial Intelligence Summit,Officially launched two models for training and reasoningNervana Neural network processor,And announced a new generation Movidius Myriad Visual processing unit。


  It is reported that,Two modelsNeuranaNeural network processor includes training orientedNNP-T1000And reasoning orientedNNP-I1000。This is also Intel's2016Annual acquisitionNervana SystemswithMovidius Ltd.Two machines developed by the company after learning the chip。At the meeting,Intel announces that two chips are officially commercialized。

  among them,NNP-TTSMC16nmProcess technology,have270Billion transistors,The total area of ​​the silicon wafer is up to680Square millimeter。Intel is at8Said in the notice of the month,NNP-T1000Can handle up to every second119Trillion operations。

  In addition,based on10nm Ice LakeProcessor architectureNNP-I1000inResNet50The evaluation efficiency is up to4.8 TOPs/W,Intel claims it is the most energy efficient chip in its class.。

  at the same time,Intel also said,FacebookAnd companies like Baidu can't wait to deploy these two models.Nervanachip。FacebookArtificial intelligence supervisorMisha SmelyanskiyWeigh,These chips are the key to accelerating the work of artificial intelligence,Such as daily processing60Billion translation。

  It is worth mentioning that,For the next generationMovidiusVisual processing unit,Intel is more confident to compare it with NVIDIA products.。

  It is said,This code isKeem BayVisual processing unit can provideTopsNVIDIAXavierof4Times,In the case of full utilization,The chip can help customers get50%Extra performance。And this new generation of vision processing unit will2020Listing in the first half of the year,Still have to wait patiently。

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